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Below are a few desktops featuring our favorite art from Diceland. In addition to this artwork, you can now download four different PDFs for printing full-color labels. These labels are designed for our new 15-die carrier boxes, available from cheapass.com.

Diceland: Cyburg, illustrated by Eduardo Müller
Meet CCelia, a bad girl from Diceland: Cyburg.


Diceland: Dragons, illustrated by Eduardo Müller
Below is the Ice Dragon Rider and her arch enemy, the Storm Dragon.


Diceland: Deep White Sea, illustrated by Eduardo Müller
This graphic is a composite of two images that were planned for the cover. We went with the Cass die graphic instead.

Deep White Sea

Diceland: Space, illustrated by Iikka Keranen and James Ernest
This Garthan Carrier was built in a 3D program for the cover of Diceland Space.


Diceland: Space, the New Meaning of Cool.
Turns out, if you pay enough money for a pair of sunglasses, you never lose them. If you don't believe that, you clearly haven't spent enough.

Space Cool

Diceland: Ogre, using art from Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson was very friendly and helpful in getting us the rights to make this Diceland version of the classic minis game. Our favorite part is the way the new dice, despote really different core rules, still evoke the same helpless feeling on the part of whoever fights against the Ogre.


Diceland: Extra Space, using art from Tom Jolly's real tome card game, Light Speed. Illustrated by Eduardo Müller.
We had extra space on the Ogre press sheet, because the Ogre die took up the space of 8 regular dice in the box. So we printed this little set of "Extra Space" dice as an experiment, and we like the envelope format so much we're doing it again.

Extra Space