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Deep White Sea takes place on a frozen planet. Once this planet was a thriving world with a rich global civilization. But a catastrophe threw its orbit into decay. Since that time it has slowly become an ice world, a frozen globe filled with terrifying strangers who battle one another for what remains of the world's wealth and power.

This story takes place in the Tormented Crest, a harsh polar region filled with active volcanic islands and fierce arctic storms. Five crews of roving pirates are squabbling over a gigantic ocean vessel known as the Icebreaker.

The Icebreaker is a frighteningly large ship capable of crushing through almost any frozen sea. In the misty half-light of the Deep White Sea, one can rarely see both ends of the ship at once. It has an ice-crushing prow that towers over the rest of the vessel, and a tiny bridge that peeks over the starboard side of the prow. The ship is so large that no one is completely sure what or who is aboard, and now it lies abandoned in desolation of the Tormented Crest.

The Icebreaker is hundreds of years old, and theories about its origins are vague. Some people believe it was a colony ship, intended to carry a race of people to a warmer part of the globe. Some believe it was a warship. It has an impressive array of weapons, but most of these were not original to the ship. Most people don't believe the ship even exists.

Now five crews of men and machines have gathered near the Icebreaker, all with the hope of capturing the ship for their own.

Below are links to critical details about the five teams in Deep White Sea, including strategy notes and historical background.

White Team - Green Team - Blue Team - Orange Team - Burgundy Team