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Burgundy Team: The Jet Black Clan ("Jax")

Vessel: The Orpheus. The Jet Black Clan, known as the Jax, are pirates who sail the frozen seas to plunder and kill. They are interested in exploring the Icebreaker, but they are just as interested in destroying it. The Jax don't really have a leader, and wouldn't know what to do with the Icebreaker if they had it, except possibly blow it up. The Orpheus looks like a simple, non-threatening cargo vessel, but it is home to a swarm of fast-moving craft including snowmobiles, jet boats, and motorcycles. The Jax use these faster vehicles to surprise and overwhelm an enemy.

Strategy: In terms of complexity, the Burgundy team is probably in the middle of the five teams in Deep White Sea. They are a team of soloists, so there's not much communication or support between them, and you may find yourself relying on one or two dice for the better part of the fight. But which dice you choose will probably depend on whom you're fighting against.

Captain: Valentine Ross. Valentine Ross is sorcerer who can control his enemies as well as his allies. He looks ancient, older than his years, and wears a monocle and a short white beard. He dresses in a hooded black cloak and wields a long spiked chain. Ratt is the oldest member of the Jax, and sometimes the other pirates defer to his leadership. But no one is really the captain of this ship. Ratt drives a slender red snowmobile with a sidecar. Here is Valentine's bio from the Deep White Sea rulebook:

The Scoundrel: Commander Valentine Ross commands a splinter group of the Jet Black Clan, also called the Jax. His team of brigands was the first on the scene of the Icebreaker, and after looting its upper decks for all the supplies he could carry; Valentine is now in the process of scuttling her.

As the first on the scene, Valentine has a legal claim to the Icebreaker, and can do whatever he wants to the ghost ship. He'd have better luck sinking her if all these boats full of do-gooders and mama's boys would leave him alone.

Strategy: If you want to start with Valentine, put him on his side 7. It's an omnidirectional 7-point Firestorm, with a block of 9. If anybody shoots him, assuming they don't damage him, he moves to a Command, which is where you want him in a couple of turns anyway. (From there he has a block of 7 and damages to another Command.) Valentine has only two Commands, so he's not a great Command die. But his mix of fire and ice spells makes him a pretty good Wizard.

Engineer: Henry Wail. Henry Wail is a sharpshooter and engineer. He is the chief mechanic aboard the Orpheus. He fixes the other pirates' vehicles for money. Henry wears a dark gray helmet with a grill over the face, and carries two sniper rifles and a semiautomatic handgun. He wears a thick photographer-style jacket covered with pockets that filled with ammunition and tools, and perhaps a grenade or two. He rides a black motorcycle with studded tires.

Strategy: Henry is an awesome sharpshooter with a ranged omni 8 (Sniper Rifle) on his side 8. Despite low blocks and no jumps, this die is an awesome shooter with a ranged attack on five sides and Repairs on the other three. With no Repair Alls he's not much of a mechanic, but they can certainly come in handy when his Battle Robot is in trouble. Both Battle Robot I8U and Golo have such awful maneuverability that it's sometimes up to Henry to get them back on their feet.

Wizard: Crysis. Crysis is a savage fighter and a powerful magic user. She fights with a ten-foot bullwhip, and uses support magic and ice magic. She is a sleek brunette in an orange biomechanical power-assist suit. The suit has external hydraulics which she can engage to give her extra strength in the arms, legs, and body, making her able to lift incredibly heavy objects, albeit a little slowly. Because of Crysis' ice magic, she's immune to fire attacks. She travels on a fan-driven sled that can become airborne by deploying a parachute-like sail.

Strategy: If you are starting with Crysis it's hard to choose between her Power Up 6 and her Omni Freeze. She's also got a Jump and a couple of Backstabs, making her almost qualify as a Wizard / Assassin. But her best feature is her immunity to red, which makes her the best choice to throw against anyone relying on lasers and fireballs.

Battle Robot: I8U. Battle Robot I8U is a miniature autonomous tank built by Henry Wail. It is a small, wedge-shaped robot with treads and a set of forward-facing guns. It moves slowly, turns badly, and is very hard to kill.

Strategy: While the Battle Robot has a huge average block, it has abysmal maneuverability and damages itself every time it moves. What's worse, the die will never change facing more than 60°, meaning that it has a 120° blind spot for the entire course of its movement track. (This blind spot can be moved if the die is struck or repaired, of course.) On the upside, Battle Robot I8U is immune to Poison, has huge blocks (they run 14 to 8) and has some pretty decent attacks on the high sides, including a 6-point Machine Gun on side 8.

Fighter: Golo. Golo is, as far as anyone can tell, dead. He looks like reconstructed corpse, complete with stitches and scars, heavy thick-soled boots, and extremely pale skin. He's about seven feet tall, wears a blue rubber body suit, and carries the most awesome rifle in the game. It's an adjustable-spread Fragment Gun with a huge dial on the side and a spotlight on the front. It also shoots fire, ice bombs, and a net. Golo seems to be the result of a strange experiment, but no one really wants to ask him where he comes from. He rides a very loud and dangerous-looking three-wheeled chopper.

Strategy: Golo is a typical heavyweight fighter, except that instead of basic attacks he's usually shooting some colored attack. He's got a great string of shots, from a 9-point Fragment Gun on his side 8 to a short-range 6 on his side 2. Along the way are ranged and all attacks in fire and ice, and fairly good blocks. Golo's maneuverability is terrible, in some ways worse than Battle Robot I8U, because every move takes him to a lower side but not always the next lower side. Like the Battle Robot, Golo can't move off his side 1.

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