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Green Team: Zig Flight School, Professor Barty

Vessel: The Bucktooth. The Bucktooth is small aircraft carrier, capable of launching just a few light aircraft. These flying machines are collectively known as the Zig Flight School, but they are really just a bunch of thrill-seeking aeronauts who sail the frozen seas in search of adventure and mayhem. When the ice is too thick to allow the Bucktooth to move, the Flight School takes off. When the weather is too rough to fly, they return to the ship and stow their planes inside. The crew of the Bucktooth are looking for a better home base and would love to move their aircraft aboard the Icebreaker, even if they can't get it moving!

Strategy: Green is probably the second hardest army to use, next to White. With an unpredictable commander (Barty) and a low-block Mechanic (Darla) the winning strategy is not always apparent. However, having two robots (R-Dat and Steve) makes them formidable against any army that relies on poison, and their Sharpshooter (Brin) is a one-man killing machine.

Captain: Professor Chuck Barty. Barty is a charismatic leader, but also completely insane. Chuck is a short man, age 40, with short curly brown hair and a powerful physique. He dresses in a parka decorated with moons and stars, wears a monocle he doesn't need, and fights with a magic wand and a trumpet. For some reason the crew are happy to follow him, and he's incredibly effective at getting them to do what he wants. And for a crew as varied and strange as the Zig Flight School, that's no small feat. Here is Barty's bio from the Deep White Sea rulebook:

The Thief: Professor Chuck Barty takes the wanderers of this world under his care and teaches them to fly. His ship, the Bucktooth, is home to the Zig Flight School. This "school" travels between the frozen island states of the world performing stunt shows and the occasional petty robbery.

Four weeks ago, one of Barty's students spotted the ghost ship. The Icebreaker would make a perfect launching platform for his squad of aeronauts and robots. The only obstacles were the gangs of scavengers who reached the wreck before him.

Strategy: Barty has a little bit of everything, so you can't ever be sure what you will get. He has two Commands, a Shockwave, an Ice Storm, two Confuses, a Jump, and a Hold. His shots are all useful, but only in certain situations. He is fairly maneuverable, and thus versatile if he can live long enough to get where you want him. With no other Commanders, the only way to achieve this is with a maneuver or a Repair.

Helmsman: R-Dat 28. R-Dat is a slender robotic pilot who is in some respects a part of the Bucktooth. Though he is autonomous enough to fight in hand-to-hand combat, he usually stays on board the ship while the Flight School is out running around. He doesn't have an aircraft of his own and can communicate electronically with the Bucktooth. In combat he fights with small laser pistols and any incredibly heavy clublike object that's available. He is thinner than a human, with exposed hydraulic muscles and a tarnished blue finish.

Strategy: R-Dat is a little bit of a Sharpshooter as well as a Mechanic. He has to omni ranged laser pistols, valued 6 and 7, on his sides 7 and 8. These shots, combined with his immunity to poison, make him an excellent starter die. He has one Repair All and three optional Repairs, and a block that falls off sharply in the lower half.

Trainee: Brin Kelso. Kelso is an eager young boy who can't wait to prove himself to Professor Barty. He has been flying planes since he was very young and is by far the most skilled pilot in the Flight School, although when it comes to fighting he can be a little unreliable. The rest of the crew still call him "trainee" to make fun of him, even though he flies better than them all. Kelso has a sandy brown ponytail and is very light of build. He wears a unique, angular black flight helmet that's connected to his jacket with tubes and wires, and has a powerful built-in headlamp. His aircraft is an open-cockpit monoplane with floats and tilting props.

Strategy: Brin is a great shooter with two omni ranged attacks (Target Pistols) on his sides 7 and 8, and two Jumps on his 4 and 5. His maneuverability isn't great, and his blocks are fairly low, but in the right position Brin can be deadly.

Mechanic: Darla Mendenhal. Darla is a sassy and very cute blonde girl with a boyish haircut. She is the ship's flight mechanic, and fixes all the airplanes. (R-Dat fixes the Bucktooth.) She wears a one-piece blue work suit under a thick overcoat, and heavy work boots. She almost always has a grease stain on her cheek and a toothpick in her mouth. Darla flies a tiny gyrocopter that's very maneuverable but terrible in bad weather.

Strategy: With a Power-Up: 7, two Jumps, and an 8-point Laser Rifle, you'd expect Darla to be worth more than 5 points. But, like her captain, she's a little too unpredictable to be a perfect die. She's a decent starter on her Power Up Side, but even on that side she's only got a block of 6. With a low block and a mix of sides, she's a hard die to use. But she's also the single most maneuverable die in the set.

Pilot: Fat Robot Steve. Fat Robot Steve is a large, glum, nearly indestructible service robot. He is probably very old, but his memory only goes back about 20 years. He thinks he was a butler-type servant, possibly built for a resort hotel or a cruise vessel, and there isn't another robot like him in the world. If he is really that old, then he's been very well protected, because his parts don't show much wear. He's not fond of people he doesn't know, because he generally hates the human race for creating him. He wears thick gloves and a samurai helmet he found on his adventures, and is always complaining about the cold, though in fact it doesn't affect him at all. Fat Robot Steve flies a unique amphibious rocket-like aircraft of his own design, which can, among other things, punch through thin ice and go for long stretches underwater. Of course, only a nearly indestructible robot could pilot such a plane, which makes Fat Robot Steve the only qualified pilot.

Strategy: Like it says in the rulebook, Fat Robot Steve should probably be immune to everything, but we didn't have a color for that and it sure wouldn't be fair. Steve has massive blocks instead, running from 12 to 6, and massive short-range hits in the same range. His three Hold sides make him more useful as a support die, however, since Hold by itself won't do you any good. One tactic with Steve is to throw him first, then use him alone as long as he's on an attack side, and bring in another shooter (like Brin or R-Dat) when he gets to a Hold.

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