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Orange Team: The Gypsy Queen

Vessel: The Gypsy Queen. The Gypsy Queen is an amphibious steam barge, a propeller-driven ship than can crawl across ice and earth on tank-like treads. It uses heat, anchors, and winches to move between floating on water and driving on ice. It is a slow-moving and cantankerous vessel, but it's well suited for combing the sea for one specific ship. The crew of the Gypsy Queen has been searching for the Icebreaker for six years. When they heard of its whereabouts, they set about seeking and capturing the vessel. Because of their incredibly slow ship, they were the last on the scene, and they are ill equipped to capture their prize.

Strategy: Along with Blue, Orange is probably the best army for beginners. It doesn't have much that's fancy, just a pair of strong fighters, one Commander, one Wizard, and one very strong Assassin.

Captain: Rose Park. Rose Park is a white-haired adventurer, age 61. She has been searching for the Icebreaker for most of her life. In her father's time the Icebreaker was thought to be just a legend, but Rose has always believed in the ship and has spent her life on a quest to find it. She assembled her crew from the best scavengers and fighters she could find, and although they are not as trustworthy as she would like, they have served her well so far. Rose dresses in a simple fur-lined parka, snow goggles and jeans. She fights with a pair of revolvers and, if necessary, a nasty looking harpoon gun. Here is her bio from the Deep White Sea rulebook:

The Adventurer: Captain Rose Park has been obsessed with finding the Icebreaker since she was a girl. When she heard of the four armies battling over a derelict ship she quickly assembled a team of friends and mercenaries and borrowed a steamer, the Gypsy Queen, to see the wreck for herself.

Park knows more about the Icebreaker than anyone else on the scene, but she is ill equipped to take her with this meager crew. Park fears that if she goes for help, the Icebreaker will be destroyed before she returns.

Strategy: Rose is exactly what you expect in a Commander: Three Command sides, a set of high blocks and strong basic attacks, and reasonable maneuverability. Rose's movement gets worse as she takes damage, and with no mechanic on the Orange team you may have to rely on good luck or good target throwing to keep Rose on her better sides.

Helmsman: Shy Frances. Shy Frances is Rose Park's niece, a young redhead of 22. She has the nickname "shy" because she is exceptionally gregarious and outgoing. She is an adept conjurer and uses magic and potions to confuse and disable her enemies. Captain Park has taken out a little insurance by having Shy Frances cast a charm spell over the Henk Brothers. This would, of course, lead to mutiny if the Brothers ever discovered it. But it's been six weeks and they haven't figured it out yet. Francis keeps a pet falcon named Horus and fights with magic spells and a superhot 3-foot flame sword that's designed for cutting holes in ice. (Note: Horus is visible in the original art for Shy Frances, but gets lost when the art is cropped into a triangle. Not to worry, though. We have a use for him.)

Strategy: Shy Frances is a classic low-point Wizard: a little unpredictable, with low blocks and some interesting special effects. Her most devastating sides might be her two Freeze sides (7 and 6) though the Confuse All on her side 8 is also pretty handy. Frances has a Call Ally on her side 1, where she needs it most, and it's usually good to try and use the ally she calls to knock her to a better side!

Fighters: Thruk and Giilder Henk. Thruk Henk and Giilder Henk are brothers whom Captain Park has conscripted to help find the Icebreaker. They are exceptionally brutal, rather simple, and happy to work for Captain Park as long as Shy Frances is around. Thruk is the taller and older of the two, and also the stupider. He is missing one eye, and wears a tight-fitting leather flight cap and a ratty blue jacket. He fights with a large black hammer. Giilder is the younger, shorter brother and wears his black hair in two long braids, has a thick moustache, and wears a thick leather trench coat. He fights with a long sword and shotgun.

Strategy: Thruk is a very simple fighter with the particular quirk that he turns 180° every time he takes damage. This will sometimes work to your advantage, when your enemy doesn't want to shoot Thruk because it will just "make him mad." Thruk has an amazing range of high short-range hits and high blocks, starting at 10 / 12 and moving slowly down to 5 / 6. His maneuverability is pretty bad, including no way to move off his side 1. His younger brother, Giilder, has lower blocks and hits, but better maneuverability and a few ranged attacks, including a Shotgun 9 on his side 8. Unlike his brother, Giilder can actually move off his side 1.

Assassin: Micro. Micro is an elflike humanoid about 2 feet tall. He is an accomplished thief and an old friend of Rose and Frances. He has no particular interest in the Icebreaker but he is always happy to go on an adventure with Rose. Micro is probably older than Rose, but he doesn't show it. He has a strange otherworldly quality to him, but he swears that his race have lived on this world for as long as the humans, if not longer. He is slender, shifty, and amazingly fast. His skin is dark, his hair is unkempt and jet black, and he wears clothes which are too big for him. Micro fights with a poison dart gun and a slender knife, but prefers not to fight at all.

Strategy: Micro is the odd mix of abilities you would expect in a Wizard / Assassin, but it seems that whatever he rolls is always useful. A Protection: 5, Confuse All, two Poison Darts, an Ice Storm, a Jump, and two Backstabs make him quit the mix of abilities. Micro is also immune to Magic effects, making him deadly against an all-magic character like Mull. (When constructing an army with Micro, remember that he also won't benefit from effects like Protection and Power Up.) All this, plus a reasonable block and maneuverability, makes him worth a fat 8 points.

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