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White Team: The Caspen Barge, Captain Geoffrey Winter

Strategy: The White Team is an intricate team, possibly the hardest to play correctly. It contains a Commander, a Wizard, a Mechanic, a Fighter, and an Assassin. Each character has several possibilities, and learning the team's strengths and weaknesses takes a bit of work.

Vessel: The Caspen Barge. The Caspen Barge is a large ice-breaking ship similar in function to the Icebreaker, but not as gigantic. The crew of the Caspen travel between the populated islands of the arctic region trading in magic and materials, and looting derelicts like the Icebreaker. They hope either to find untold treasures aboard the Icebreaker, or to repair the ship and take command. Like everyone else in the battle, they are woefully unprepared for this task.

Captain: Geoffrey Winter. Winter is a man of 55, with a powerful white beard and shocking white hair. He commands the relatively young and inexperienced crew of the Caspen with skill and patience. Winter dresses in striking military gear and fights with crossbow and longsword. Here is his bio from the Deep White Sea rulebook:

The Wanderer: Captain Geoffrey Winter struggles to make the best of the dwindling resources in this frozen world. His ship, the Caspen Barge, is a two-hundred-foot ice breaker. His crew are young, strong, and inexperienced.

Five weeks ago he found a gang of thugs pitching bombs at a derelict ship. Winter believes that ship is the Icebreaker, a legendary city-ship that is large enough to carry the Caspen in her hold.

Now Winter wants nothing more than to save the Icebreaker from destruction by vandals and claim the ghost ship as his own.

Strategy: Winter is a Commander, with three Command sides and four unidirectional ranged attacks (Crossbows) running from 8 to 6. He's a great shot if he lands on a Crossbow side (50% of the time) but like any other commander he's most useful when there are other characters in play. Winter's maneuverability is not the best, especially since he has no way to move to his side 8.

First Officer: Cass Morgan. Cass (Cassiopeia) Morgan is a tall, lean, and powerful fighter. She is the Caspen's first officer and also a fairly good wizard. She fights with a short spear, but prefers to work her magic from a distance, using mysterious little devices to conjure fire and ice. She wears a light helmet with a respirator. She also wears a long black armored trench coat, black leather pants, and high boots. Cass is also the cover art for Diceland: Deep White Sea.

Strategy: Cass is good as a starter die, with a Protection: 6 on her side 8. As a wizard she's a little unpredictable, with one unidirectional Fireball (8) and two omnidirectional Ice Storms (5 and 2). Her maneuverability is exceptional, however, with two green dots on every side. Her block values fall off quickly, so to use her you will need to keep her safe from enemy fire.

Mechanic: Buck Savoy. Buck is a gruff, rude, cigar-chewing mechanic who can fix just about anything. He keeps the Caspen's motor running and also builds a nice variety of guns for her crew. He fights with a terrifying Rocket Gun that can shoot bullets, grenades, and flame. He's also not afraid to clobber you with a wrench when his gun runs out of ammo.

Strategy: Buck is a mechanic with some exceptional hits, including a Grenade Launcher (10) on his side 8. With only one Repair All side, Buck is a reasonable die on his own, with optional shots on all his other Repair sides. Like Cass, Buck is exceptionally maneuverable.

Diver: Seth Louis Calder. Calder is the newest addition to the crew of the Caspen, and the other members of the crew have not yet learned to trust him. He is a deep-sea diver who does salvage and recovery work, and recently joined the Caspen when his own ship was destroyed by a run-in with the Jax. Calder wants very much to prove himself to the crew, especially Captain Winter. Calder wears a thick black diving suit, complete with small ribs of compressed oxygen and a breathing apparatus, and fights with a short-handled shotgun. He also has a powerful diving radio that can communicate over long distances and through hundreds of feet of ice.

Strategy: Seth is a straight-shooting Fighter, with a mix of short and ranged attacks. His best assets are the Jumps on sides 3 and 4, making it much more likely to roll him to a ranged attack (sides 8 through 5) if you want to. His second best asset is his relatively low point value of 5.

Navigator: Jarik. Jarik is a green humanoid from a race of sea creatures which are probably not indigenous to this planet. Their society is based on contempt and distrust, which explains why none of the crew likes or trusts Jarik, and why this seems perfectly normal to her. Aside from her skin color, Jarik could pass for a petite human female, a little on the short side. She is an exceptional and fierce guerilla warrior and can stay underwater indefinitely. Jarik dresses in a sleek green bodysuit and does not seem to be affected by the cold.

Strategy: Jarik is the archetype of an Assassin die. She is immune to Ice, has three Poison Dart sides, two Jumps, and three Backstabs including an omni backstab 20 on her Side 8. She's highly maneuverable, but has a relatively low Block. Her biggest liability is her 8-point value.

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