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Download the Basic Rules.

Diceland is a paper dice game that combines aspect of miniatures games, collectible card games, and physical sports. Players construct teams of dice, then take turns throwing them into the play area. Players can activate new dice when they throw them, or reactivate dice already in play, to attack, defend, or maneuver into position. When you kill an enemy die, you score its point cost, and the first player to score 50 points wins.

Diceland is quick to play, and requires just the right mix of strategy, luck, and skill. The first edition, Deep White Sea, contains five pre-built armies of five character dice, set in a frozen world. The second set, Space, contains nearly 50 different space ships in 7 fleets, which can be mixed and matched to form custom armies. The third expansion, OGRE, contains a giant Ogre die and 17 units based on the original Steve Jackson games OGRE and GEV.

New in 2005, Diceland: Cyburg and Diceland: Dragons. Two 12-die expansions featuring a host of new abilities and stunning new artwork by Eduardo Müller.

If you need the basic rules for Diceland, download the rules for Diceland:Space. These are the core rules on which all other sets are based. The characters in Deep White Sea have their own rulebook, here, but it's outdated and incomplete. If you would like to see the rules for the Ogre set, you can download those as well. Each rulebook contains the full game rules as well as the special rules unique to that set.

Our '05 expansions, Cyburg and Dragons, do not contain the full rules, only the new rules unique to those sets. For the full rules we recommend that you download the Diceland: Space rulebook.

Deep White Sea rules PDF: Original edition and DWS special effects
Diceland: Space rules PDF: Updated rules and all Space effects
Diceland: Ogre rules PDF: Updated rules and all Ogre effects
Diceland: Cyburg rules PDF: Supplemental rules for Cyburg
Diceland: Dragons rules PDF: Supplemental rules for Dragons
Advanced Rules: Optional rules for army-building, terrain, and more!
Tournament Rules: Rules for running your own Diceland event