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Tournament Rules

We think the two 50-point dice, the Yellow Kawangi and the Ogre, are not fair in tournaments. They're neat, but it's damaging to the system to have to plan against the slight probability of going up against one, so unless your tournament director says otherwise, these two power dice are not tournament-legal.

Our favorite tournament is simply a constructed army single elimination tournament with the basic 30+X point rules and no 50-point dice. You can vary this format by changing the army size, making some colors "allies" and thus allowed in the same one-color army, or by forbidding certain dice beyond those listed above.

You can also set up a series of tables with pre-made armies, then cycle players through all the tables. In each matchup, each team has 100 points, which are divided among all the players who win with that team. So, if it's a powerhouse army, and five people win with it, each player gets only 20 points. If the other side is not so good, and only one player wins with it, he gets 100 points! That's the basis of the Battle Station tournament, descried below.