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Battle Station Tournament (Deep White Sea)

Players: Any even number
You Need: One army per player and one table for every two players.

Setup: Create X Battle Stations, 2-player tables with a constructed army on each side. The tournament director can construct the armies, or the players can bring their own armies to lend to the game. Put a tally sheet at each table to record wins and losses at that station.

Procedure: Set the play order before the game begins so that nobody plays the same opponent twice, if possible. For a longer tournament, each player will play both sides of each battle station. For a shorter tournament, divide the tables into A and B sides, and divide the players into As and Bs.

Scoring: Each army is worth 100 points. All the players who win with that army over the course of the tournament will divide those points equally. For example, if at the Orange vs. Blue table, Orange wins 5 battles and Blue wins 2, the players who won with Orange army score 20 points each. The players who won with Blue score 50 points each.

The two players with the highest scores play each other in a final round. In the A-B divided game, the highest scoring player from each team goes to the finals. To choose armies for the final game, the player with the lower score must choose an army first, then the other player can choose from the remaining armies. The final round is best two games out of three.