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To date, Diceland has been released in seven different sets, including Deep White Sea, Space (2 versions), OGRE, Extra Space, Cyburg, and Dragons. Dice from all sets are completely compatible, and even though it may seem weird to include an elf on the same team as an interstellar troop ship, it's only slightly weirder than representing both units with a paper 8-sided die.

Diceland: Deep White Sea
Release Date: Spring 2002
Contains: 25 unique character dice in five 5-die teams.
Price: $14.95 (BUY IT)
Rules: Original Edition (Download the PDF)
Details: Deep White Sea is the original Diceland set and contains five powerful and chaotic teams of fighters, battling for control of a gigantic ship known as the Icebreaker. The fiction of Deep White Sea is all over this site; take a look at some here. The rulebook was updated in the Space edition, so be sure to read both books for a completely correct set of game rules.

Diceland: Space
Release Date: Spring 2003
Contains: 50 non-unique spaceship dice in 6 armies, sold as two 25-die boxes.
Price: $14.95 each box. (BUY IT)
Rules: Updated Edition (Download the PDF)
Details: Based on the award-winning Digital Eel adventure game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (published by Cheapass Games, Diceland: Space introduces army construction rules, six new races, and great new abilities. In addition, each box contains a giant ship from another race, the Klackar Frigate and the Kawangi Destroyer. This rulebook contains the updated rules and is the basis for the rules in the Ogre and subsequent expansion sets.

Diceland: OGRE
Release Date: Summer 2003
Contains: 17 non-unique military units and one oversized OGRE die.
Price: $15.95 (BUY IT)
Rules: Updated OGRE Edition (Download the PDF)
Details: Based on the classic OGRE® and GEV® games from Steve Jackson Games, Diceland: Ogre reengineers the classic battle between gigantic cybertank and army of weak little things. The OGRE die itself is twice the size of a normal Diceland die, and so powerful that it's really hard to beat, just like the original OGRE. Other units include Infantry, GEVs, Light and Heavy Tanks, Missile Tanks, Howitzers, and more. OGRE and GEV are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games, used by permission.

Diceland: Extra Space
Release Date: Summer 2003
Contains: 8 non-unique spaceships in two 25-point armies
Price: $6.00 (BUY IT)
Rules: None included (uses Space rules)
Details: These eight ships come from the Tom Jolly card game Light Speed, a real-time card game published by Cheapass Games under the Hip Pocket label. Extra Space is a great way to learn about Diceland on the cheap: Just $6 get you enough dice to play the game, and once you've fallen in love you can treat all eight of them as a single team color, mixing it up with the dice from Space, OGRE, and more.

Diceland: Cyburg
Release Date: Summer 2005
Contains: 12 unique characters in two large teams
Price: $8.95 (BUY IT)
Rules: Supplemental sheet included. Requires basic rules such as those in Diceland: Space
Artist: Eduardo Müller
Details: Two big teams of cyber warriors, living in a crime-riddled yet overpopulated virtual world. The CyCops, essentially the good guys, have a 7-die team totaling 43 points. Two mechanics (including Gadget, who's only 3 points) and a couple of heavy hitters make CyCops a fast-moving and versatile army. HardCell, essentially the bad guys, have only 5 dice, but they add up to 44 points. These characters start big and get bigger, topping out at 12 points for their Commander. Both teams can be reduced into several different tournament-legal (30+X) armies.

Diceland: Dragons
Release Date: Summer 2005
Contains: 12 non-unique character dice in four small (20- to 23-point) teams.
Price: $8.95 (BUY IT)
Rules: Supplemental sheet included. Requires basic rules such as those in Diceland: Space
Artist: Eduardo Müller
Details: The four armies in Diceland: Dragons include three dice each: one Dragon, one Dragon Master, and one second (either a smaller Master or a smaller Dragon). They make for a great 4-player game, and they are non-unique, meaning that tournament armies can be built from multiples of the same die. This set introduces a unique ability called Dragon Master, which allows the Masters to control Dragons (similar to a Command) before taking their own action. It's also got a variety of new abilities, including Thunder Clap, Swamp Gas, Backfire, and more.

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