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Going First (hints from James Ernest)

If you go first, you get to choose one die and place it on any face in the exact center of the table. This is useful because you don't normally get to choose a die's facing like this, but it's also risky because whatever you put out will be your opponent's first target. Here are some basic examples of starting strategies, and the best counter-strategies for the player who goes next.

Omni Shot: If you have a die with a strong omnidirectional shot, you can start with that die in play. Valentine Ross, for example, has an omni Firestorm 7 on his side 8, with a decent block of 9. Counter: The best counter to a start like this is to try to hit Valentine with your first throw and knock him off that Firestorm. Do this with a die that's not worth a lot of points, in case you miss and he shoots you. Another good counter is to throw a die that's immune to fire.

Strong Uni Shot: If you have a die with a powerful unidirectional shot, like Thruk Henk's 10-point shot on side 8 (with a block of 12!), you can use that directional shot to force the battle to come to you. If you point Thruk directly at your opponent, his best move is to throw his next die behind him. When the dice fall on your side of the table, everything is easier for you to hit. Counter: Throwing behind the uni shooter is probably the best move, even though it will take the battle to the opposite side of the table. Your best fighter in this scenario is one with backstab, which is the best way to kill a brute like Thruk. In the particular case of Thruk, it's also important to know that every time he takes damage, he turns 180°. That means that if you think you can shoot him, you need to plan to be in front of him, so that you're behind him when he takes the hit.

Power Up / Protection: For a defensive start, you can play a Wizard with a strong Protection or Power-Up as your starter. This will give a serious advantage to the next dice you throw. If you're playing Blue, starting with Mull on his Power Up 7 gives you great firepower on the next round. Counter: When your opponent starts with a Protection or Power Up he's got one less die that can actually shoot. Take a potshot at Mull with a die you don't mind losing, and even if you don't hit him you know the chances of your getting shot on the next turn will be lower than normal.

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