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Predictability and Jumping (hints from designer James Ernest)

Normally, when you throw a die, you have a 12.5% chance (1 in 8) of landing on any given side. With an even chance of landing on every side, you need to be able to figure out what a die is most likely to do. A Commander with 2 Command sides has a 25% chance of commanding. With 3 Command sides, this chance goes up to 37.5%. Fighters will always give you a Hit, while Wizards can be more powerful but less predictable.

Jump sides change these percentages. When you land on a Jump side, you really two choices: Take the shot if you like it, or Jump the die if you don't. A die with two Jumps effectively has two bad sides missing, increasing the probability that you can land on one of the other sides.

Another random factor in your die roll is facing. You have no control over which direction the die will point when it lands. To have the best chance of hitting one enemy with a unidirectional shot, the best place to land a die is directly between two of them.

Jumping also helps this problem, since if your jumping die lands on a Jump side, but pointed in the wrong direction, you can pick it up and roll it again. This is part of what makes us call Jumping dice Sharpshooters. The other is that with each successive roll you can physically hit more dice, so the Sharpshooter can nail several dice in several jumps. This brings me to my final random topic today, learning to throw your dice.

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